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Hi and welcome to the Longford TaeKwonDo and Martial Arts Website.

The club has been running for over 30 years under the guidence of Grand Master Jan Bartel who is an 8th dan in TaeKwonDo and 6th Dan in Hapkido. 

Taekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific Korean traditional martial arts, that teaches more than physical fighting skills. It is a discipline that shows ways of enhancing our spirit and life through training our body and mind. Today, it has become a global sport that has gained an international reputation, and stands among the official games in the Olympics. The club also teaches Hapkido which is a Korean form of self defense 

The club teaches WTF style TaeKwonDo which is an Olympic sport. Classes every Wednesday for:   Juniors:  6:30pm  St Johns Hall, Longford Seniors:  7:30pm  Longford TaeKwonDo and Martial Arts Club Lisduff Longford every Sunday:   Juniors and Seniors11am  Longford TaeKwonDo and Martial Arts Club Longford






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Visitors notice

17/02/2012 12:03
Full days training will take place on Sunday 19th February at the Longford Martial Arts Club Lisduff from 10am - 4pm. All members welcome. This is a great opportunity to meet members from Grandmaster Jan's clubs, It is also a great days training along side all belts. During the day Master Pat...

Website launched

17/02/2012 12:02
Our new website has been launched today. Tell your visitors why you have started a new presentation and how it benefits them. Mention your goals and project advantages. Try to briefly give your visitors reasons why they should return to your pages.